Combining OpenADR and EEBUS

Combining OpenADR and EEBUS Equals Full Energy Control
By Rolf Bienert, Managing and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

The energy supply is becoming more and more decentralized and volatile, while at the same time mobility and the heating transition are putting a significant load on the grid. This requires a seamless exchange of information between the grid and energy consumers or generators in residential and commercial buildings. EEBUS provides the standard for energy networking behind the grid connection and thus enables load and tariff management at the point of transfer to the building.

OpenADR provides an open, secure, and proven way to communicate informational and motivational messages from the grid operator to building, controllers, and other resources. OpenADR has expanded into key roles for Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resource management and provides a clear demarcation point between utility controls and customer owned equipment.

When it comes to selecting the right standards technology one size certainly does not fit all. However by combining two complementary standards you will be able to seamlessly connect the grid and end-customer domains to realize full end-to-end communication.


The OpenADR Alliance and EEBUS recently published a new white paper  “Combining OpenADR and EEBUS for Energy Control” which explains how these two established industry standards provide a solution available today to handle rapidly growing power demands. The paper details how secure capacity & tariff management and building control provided by both OpenADR and EEBUS together can enhance energy management and the smart grid.

The paper examines the two standards often considered for energy management and smart grid applications. The paper helps to identify the key criteria that decision makers should be evaluating when designing a solution in terms of performance, reliability, scalability, interoperability and security as well discusses the following:

  • Key characteristics of the EEBUS and OpenADR standards
  • How mapping of the OpenADR and EEBUS data points can be done using the power limitation and power consumption monitoring use cases
  • The significance of secure communication from the grid to the device level and how the integration of OpenADR and EEBUS can help achieve this
  • The importance of standards to accomplish full end-to-end communications.

To learn more download the white paper today at 20211208-OpenADR-EEBUS-White-Paper-v1.0.pdf. For more information on EEBUS visit For more information on OpenADR Alliance please visit:

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