OpenADR Alliance Test Tool Store

Members of the OpenADR Alliance can purchase test tools at reduced prices to facilitate the product development process, as well as branded merchandise to promote membership in the Alliance. Non-member prices are significantly higher.

The OpenADR test tool will be delivered via a download link within 48 hours or receipt of payment or payment confirmation.

The EcoPort (CTA-2045) test tool includes a hardware component so it will be shipped to you.

OpenADR Development & Test Tool

NEW! Upgrade to cover the OpenADR Demand Response Program Guide test cases now included! If you already own a test tool license you will need to have a Software Maintenance Contract in place to receive the upgrade. Please click here and select this option if you already own a test tool.

To assist companies in the development of OpenADR 2.0 compliant products the OpenADR Alliance and our test tool partner, QualityLogic, have created a comprehensive test tool. This powerful test tool is also used by all of our test house partners for certification testing.

Pricing for the tool varies depending upon your membership status. Please log on with your member credentials to receive the appropriate price for the test tool.

Please review the Software Support Agreement for the test tool before your purchase. Additional test tool and development support can be obtained from QualityLogic.

To purchase the OpenADR Alliance endorsed Test Tool - click here!

  • The OpenADR 2.0a&b certification test tool consists of a test harness build-on the Eclipse open source Integrated Development Environment and a full set test suites. 
  • The test suites provide coverage for the two device types (VTN and VEN)
  • When a test is run, the test harness plays the role opposite that of the device under test.  For instance, when testing a VEN Push implementation, the test harness will play the role of a VTN Push implementation.
  • Test coverage includes schema validation, validation of all conformance rules, and validation of each test scenarios intent.
  • Test reporting includes transaction exchange logs including transport headers and XML payload listings, conformance checks completed, and detailed failure information.
  • NEW! OpenADR Demand Response Program Guide test case coverage

Software Support (Software Support Agreement)

  • Starting July 31, 2013, all OpenADR Test Tool licensees will come under a new 60-day/3-hour limited support contract with QualityLogic.  This also will be the standard Support Contract with all new license purchases after July 31.
  • QualityLogic will provide all test tool support directly to licensees and track the support hours.
  • QualityLogic will also offer fee-based Support Contracts for 1, 5, 10 and 20-hour blocks of support time at commercial rates and will advise when free support hours have been used and a new contract is required in order to continue receiving QualityLogic support.
  • The OpenADR Technical Director will continue to provide support for certification questions along with the OpenADR authorized certification test lab, Inertek, Inc.

The test tool provides a robust set of configuration settings to adapt the test harness to various environments and to selectively disable conformance checks to facilitate testing implementations with known issues.

Pricing: The tool price for OpenADR Alliance members is $6,500. For non-members, the price is $17,500.

EcoPort Test Tool

The CTA-2045 EcoPort Test Tool Hardware & Software Package allows you to pre-test your product for EcoPort certification prior to submitting to a test house for EcoPort certification testing using the same hardware and software used by the labs.

To purchase the tool click here.

For general EcoPort implementation support click here.

When you purchase this package, you get one set of test hardware, the software, the support documentation, and the documentation that you must submit to the OpenADR Alliance. 

Subsequent hardware pieces can be bought separately at the individual purchase price below.

AC SGD - $300

AC UCM - $150

DC SGD - $200

DC UCM - $150

The is the OpenADR Alliance member price for the package is $3,999.00.

The non-member price is $9,999, so we encourage everyone to become an OpenADR member. It is necessary for certification anyways.

IMPORTANT: SkyCentrics provides support for this product, but only for configuring the software and going through the testing process and document submittal to the OpenADR Alliance. We do not help you debug your own machine.