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On this page we provide content for members and other interested parties. You will find videos, presentations, and other documents. If there is a topic we are missing, please message us at [email protected].

OpenADR Certification: In this video you will learn about how to certify a product. From selecting the standard to the web listing.
Watch it HERE (January 2024)
      ----> Follow up video with additional questions answered: Watch it HERE (February 2024)
      ----> Follow up video 2 - Certification by Similarity (stand alone video, already included in initial cert video): Watch it HERE (March 2024)

EcoPort and CTA 2045: In this video we answer frequently asked questions around the certification standard. Watch is HERE (April 2024)


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Planned videos:
- OpenADR 3.0
- OpenADR Ambassador program
- OpenADR and IEEE 1547
- Who is using OpenADR?