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EV innovation drives growth as OpenADR Alliance reaches major milestone

Reaching a new milestone is always an exciting moment. The OpenADR Alliance recently announced reaching 200 members, something we are particularly proud of as a global industry organization that started out supporting technical communications standards over a decade ago.

Our goal remains the same, with the OpenADR standard going from strength to strength with the launch of OpenADR 3.0 last year. But like other industry bodies, we need to evolve and adapt as the industry – and our members – change.

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The Sun was Shining on DistribuTECH 2024

Last week the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL was the place to be for DistribuTECH 2024. This year’s conference in the ‘sunshine state’ did not disappoint with over 400 speakers, 17,000+ attendees, 600+ exhibitors and 3,500+ utilities all under one roof.

As promised for those who attended, it was an inspirational event to be among organizations and industry leaders empowering progress and sharing ideas that will transform the way we live.

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OpenADR Standard to be focal point at DistribuTECH 2024


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Launch of OpenADR 3.0 as energy industry leaders gather at Enlit Europe 2023

This week is particularly exciting one for us at the OpenADR Alliance. As we gather at Enlit Europe (November 28-30th) with industry leaders and several of our members, all part of the growing community of companies looking to solve the most important energy transition issues, we are delighted to announce the new version of the OpenADR communications standard.

OpenADR 3.0 is an important milestone for us as the industry body responsible for driving the development, adoption, and compliance of OpenADR. It’s also a significant step in the development of communications standard for utilities, operators, and aggregators, as they look to manage the growing range of distributed energy resources.

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EVs and e-mobility set to take centre stage at Enlit Europe 2023

EVs and e-mobility set to take centre stage at Enlit Europe 2023

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New Hampshire Electric transactive energy rate program

The New Hampshire Electric Co-op pilots transactive energy rate program using OpenADR

Transactive energy is an intelligent, multi-layer communications process that organizes energy generation, consumption, and delivery.  During a transactive energy occurrence, power suppliers, energy markets and distributed energy resources (DERs), including electric vehicles and batteries, exchange to negotiate energy requirements and pricing.

Today security concerns, the economy, and daily life choices require a flexible and durable electricity system. Transactive energy is designed to improve energy efficiency, which results in a more resilient and reliable power grid.

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The Value in Virtual Power Plants

In the electricity power industry, ranging from petroleum, gas, coal and nuclear power, balancing supply and demand is crucial to maintaining a reliable electric grid.   As the world increasingly focuses on renewable energy, Distributed Energy Resources, and electrification, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are garnering more attention, especially in the US. These VPPs present an innovative solution,     enabling  local grid operators to use energy flexibility to ensure a more stable electricity supply, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced grid capacity.

Swell Energy and SunPower, members of OpenADR, are important players in the transformative shift, having established VPPs that offer new value to utilities and their customers. A   VPP is defined as a cloud-based network with a decentralized multi-asset ecosystem consisting of Distributed Energy Resource (DERs)—such as batteries, EVs, smart plugs and thermostats. Controlled by grid operators or third party aggregators,  these resources can   be monitored, forecasted and optimized with bi-directional communications between components for a more efficient and resilient power grid.  VPPs are proving to be a key resource capable of providing resource adequacy and other grid services at a negative net cost to the utility.

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OpenADR – London Calling!

The OpenADR Alliance held our first European OpenADR++ Users Conference from 6-7 June in London. It was two days packed full of keynotes, use cases, workshops, networking and more. (All presentation links may be found in the agenda here.) The more than 100 attendees came from all over the U.K. and Europe, with guests coming from as far as China and New Zealand.  This conference is the latest in series of activities signaling the expansion of interest in OpenADR in the European market and new Alliance membership among European companies.

The conference was significant not only as the first such major conference in Europe, but also that it was hosted by the U.K. Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ). DESNZ led the development of PAS 1878, incorporating OpenADR as one of the requirements and criteria that an electrical appliance needs to meet in order to perform and be classified as an energy smart appliance (ESA). This DESNZ action not only lowers costs and promotes innovation in the U.K., but also demonstrates U.K. leadership in promoting published standards for international adoption.

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OpenADR hosts first European User Conference

OpenADR Alliance hosts first European User Conference

Sponsored by Resillion  

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Petrol and diesel car ban to help drive EV charging infrastructure?

Can initiatives to replace petrol and diesel cars help drive EV charging infrastructure?

Don Dulchinos, Director, Market Facilitation and Rolf Bienert, Managing & Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

The Biden Administration has recently proposed ambitious plans to meet the country’s climate goals, with proposals to ensure that two-thirds of new passenger cars and a quarter of new heavy trucks sold in the U.S. are all-electric by 2032. This presents a big challenge for automotive manufacturers.  Just 5.8% of new cars and less than 2% of new trucks sold last year were all-electric.

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EV growth driving OpenADR Alliance membership in Europe

EV growth driving OpenADR Alliance membership in Europe

Last year sales of electric vehicles (EVs) hit a major milestone, with around 10% of the market for the first time. This is being driven mainly by strong growth in the EU – second only to China – where sales of electric cars broke a new record, according to figures released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

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OpenADR at RE+

OpenADR at RE+
New Applications in Solar, Storage and EV Infrastructure

OpenADR exhibited at RE+ in Anaheim in September.  Having participated in predecessor show Solar Power International, it is clear that the rapid evolution of solar/storage or hybrid solar developments have created new demand for OpenADR.  RE+ is:

The largest and most comprehensive event in North America for the clean energy industry, RE+ is comprised of: Solar Power International (our flagship event), Energy Storage International, RE+ Power (including wind, and hydrogen and fuel cells), and RE+ Infrastructure (electric vehicles and microgrids) and brings together an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for multiple days of programming and networking opportunities.

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Flexibility in a Box

OpenADR: A Game Changer in a Foreseeable Crisis

Wrap up and keep warm the motto for the upcoming winter months ahead in Europe. Natural gas is vital to most countries and today more than ever for Europe's economy.  Europe is at the brink of an energy crisis, due to Russia limiting natural gas supplies as tensions continue to escalate over Ukraine.  According to industry reports natural gas and electricity prices are estimated to be a 1,000% higher than the levels seen in the last decade.

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DistribuTECH 2022 and other Thoughts

OpenADR Alliance Making its Mark

By Rolf Bienert, Don Dulchinos, and Shannon Mayette, OpenADR Alliance

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Combining OpenADR and EEBUS

Combining OpenADR and EEBUS Equals Full Energy Control
By Rolf Bienert, Managing and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

The energy supply is becoming more and more decentralized and volatile, while at the same time mobility and the heating transition are putting a significant load on the grid. This requires a seamless exchange of information between the grid and energy consumers or generators in residential and commercial buildings. EEBUS provides the standard for energy networking behind the grid connection and thus enables load and tariff management at the point of transfer to the building.

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OpenADR at Intersolar

OpenADR Back to Face-to-Face Events at

Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America

By Don Dulchinos, Market Facilitation, OpenADR Alliance

The OpenADR Alliance was a sponsor partner for the 2022 Intersolar and Energy Storage North America Show, which this year had a heavy focus on battery technology and its integration with the grid.  The show was our first in-person event in the US in two years. Despite the pandemic there were around 275 exhibitors and 4,500 attendees.


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2021 In Review


In 2021 we saw things settle back to a more normal state, while still needing to stay flexible and resilient to steer new virus variants, travel mandates, etc. Although in person participation for events was limited the OpenADR Alliance hosted a number of webinars with key partners including a two-day OpenADR Summit. This event included presentations from industry experts and was open to all professionals interested in gaining a better understanding of how the OpenADR standard is being applied in the electricity market and other distribution system reliability activities. You can find the 2021-webinar information at and

Further Activities and Initiatives

In addition to the above, we participated in close to a dozen industry events including DistribuTECH+ where we moderated a virtual panel session Beyond the Plug with panelists from Xcel Energy, Ford Motor, General Motors and Detroit Energy. We wrapped up 2021 at Enlit Europe in Milan, Italy where we showcased the latest developments with OpenADR adoption in Europe, which includes deployments by utilities and their partners in the U.K. and Germany.

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2020 Year in review and 2021 Outlook

OpenADR Alliance: 2020 Year in review and 2021 Outlook
Rolf Bienert, Executive and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

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Interview with Universal Devices

GUEST Q&A Blog with Michel Kohanim, CEO of Universal Devices
-Rolf Bienert, Managing and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

The OpenADR 2.0 Demand Response Program Guide was designed to further the interoperability of products certified as OpenADR compliant. The certification program is a simple add-on to the current OpenADR 2.0b Profile Certification that is being required by utilities worldwide. To date a number of utilities and manufacturers support the DR Program Guide and certification program.

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Interview with Electriq Power

Guest Blog Q&A with Jan Klube, EVP, Engineering, Electriq Power
By Rolf Bienert, Technical and Managing Director, OpenADR Alliance

It is exciting to see more members participating in the OpenADR 2.0 DR Program testing and certification program.  This is key in getting other members on board to participate in the program so utilities can benefit from the value it provides.

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