Certified EPRI Open Source OpenADR 2.0b VEN & VTN

The Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, released a fully functional open source version of their VEN and VTN implementations. The development was done within the scope of EPRI's four-year OpenADR demonstration project.

Objectives and Scope of the project
• Advance Standards for DR-provided Ancillary Services (Fast DR) through Utility Demonstrations
• Address Research Questions
   – Quality of Service, Reliability, Security, Privacy, Scalability, etc.
• Develop Utility DR Technology Roadmaps

Value for EPRI Project Participants
• Increase Adoption and Innovation of Products
• Understand Utility Migration Strategies
• Characterize Load Classes for Ancillary Services
Eight utilities and system operators are participating in the project, which includes several demonstration projects to research OpenADR 2.0 capabilities, applications, responsiveness, and other aspects of the Open standard.
Download the open source VTN and VEN implementations: